Dalmar Ireland have developed superb horse boots for competition, training and convalesing from tendon injures.

Dalmar manufacture the world's most technologically advanced products for the effective prevention and treatment of lower leg injury in horses.Dalmar have specially designed products for the specific needs of each equestrian discipline.

The Open fronted tendon boot is the world's first tendon boot for professional showjumpers to achieve maximum performance.

CARBON FIBRE STRIKE PROTECTION In the event of an accidental strike the force of the impact is distributed over the entire length of the boot and immediately deflected away from the horse's Flexor Tendons and Suspensory Ligaments.

Dalmar has applied the benefits of the latest materials technology transferred from the Formula One and Aerospace industries to create the world's Lightest Racing Boot. As well as lightness, which enables GREATER ACCELERATION AND SPEED, they provide greater strength, durability and will not absorb moisture during work

Ultra Lightweight and Durable Tendon Boots for Event Horses

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